Chronos is the incarnation of time who determines the timing of events and ensures the natural laws like cause and effect are honored. He also lives backwards from when he takes up the office back to the date of his birth making him both isolated and the only one to have a exact schedule to leave office. The hourglass is his Symbol of office known to be the most powerful magical instrument in the world. He can not physically interact with anything before his date of birth and according to the three person limit one can only go to a place in time a certain number of times before becoming more vulnerable to paradox and the cloak accelerated the aging of any mortal who makes physical contact with it and the hourglass can never be lost or destroyed and can change size and not be influenced by evil. The sand changed color based on the need usually being white when living backwards it can turn green to temporarily interact with others living forward and can extend the hourglass power to others and turn it blue to untangle the threads of fate and red to travel into the past,pink goes into the future and black stops local time while grey shows other people their future which is also his past and brown would deal in anacronism and yellow allows space travel and when combining colors like yellow and red he can control gravity which slows down time and presumably can create time loops while he resides in a mansion in purgatory where everyone leaves before they enter and because of his nature he has a tendency to let future knowledge slip or the other incarnation know things he has yet to learn because he hasn’t yet experience it