The incarnation of death who resides within a mansion in purgatory and goes to those whose soul is balanced of good and evil thus requires his physical presence and he retrevies the souls from mortal bodies and can sometimes speak to the dying (not required)but because he is a mortal (invulnerable) he can die as any other So to become death your soul has to be in balance and then aiming for a uncovered area must kill his predecessor and be death until killed by successor and then enter the free trial period going to heaven or hell based on level of success and while a baby normally goes straight to heaven due to pure innocence if bird by immoral means like rape,incest or adultury death is required. He wears a robe and gloves and shoes all repel harmful elements like heat,cold,radiation, bullets and knives as well as some magic and the shoes allow walking on water and the gloves give the illusion of no flesh and the robe gets him overlooked as someone else who suits the situation only people who see past this are the clients and the symbols is the scythe. Mortis the pale death horse that can phase through ground walk on water up walls and in the air turn into any transportation and speak via earpiece that translates foreign language and animal sound into one the user understands there is also measuring stones and transportation balls in dashboard their is also a watch that can count backwards summon Chronos, accelerate or rewind the countdown, pause work load and stop time there is also a bracelet for location, distance and direction plus a soul bag for temporary storage