The incarnation of war who makes sure all conflicts are handled fairly and leave office and passes into the afterlife when the world is at peace and a new mars is chosen when global conflict recommences. He lives in a castle of war in purgatory with asocciates (famine and conquest) and has a doomsday clock that counts to final judgment day as well as wears a protective cloak and he is immortal. The red sword is his sentient badge of office who seeks one with skills regarding martial arts,weapons,strategy and is a berserker(one who goes insane at first sight,smell or taste of blood). It grants many powers such as flight,communication via blade,freezing local time and his fist carrying the weight of a sledgehammer in strength. On the field of battle he is invisible,intangible,inaudible,inodorable, Possession to influence the thought and action of any individual, discorporlization and the ability to magnify war and violence on a global scale. The sword is the key to the book of five rings up strategy (air,water,ground,fire and void) he can travel distance on his horse werre