War, Mars

Job discription

The former incarnation of war leave office when the earth is at peace but the Red sword reactivates when another war begins and is drawn to a new successor by their rage and it usually picks someone good with weapons,martial arts and strategy since it possesses some form of sentience and the role of mars is to limit and ameliorate human suffering by supervising and using the power of war and violence to ensure all conflict is handed fairly

The office

The sword is essentially wars sentient badge of office .choosinh it’s next weilder but also grants multiple power such as high speed travel, tuning in to someone else’s awareness,freezing local conflict, discorpolization, and on the field of battle he is invisible,intangible as well as inaudible plus inodorable and can possess people to influence their thoughts and actions plus when he becomes physical his fist carries the weight of a sledgehammer but it’s most powerful is magnifying all violence on earth bringing it closer to final judgment day but it is also a key to the five rings of strategy (air,water,ground,fire and void) he also possesses a protective cloak and is immortal. In his castle of war residential in purgatory he has a doomsday clock to count to the end and has four minor incarnation association with different aspects of his power (famine,pestilence,slaughter and conquest) he is also a controlled berserker who goes insane at first sight, smell or taste of blood He has his own horse named werre which he rides when traveling a distance