Satan is the incarnation of evil that evokes the hidden evil in mortals. He becomes the incarnation of evil by vanquishing the former and then either claiming it immediately or it seeks the most evil person on earth which either way he is given 30 days to prove himself which one must do by maintaining the lie that Satan has the power to destroy demons should it be exposed then no incarnation of evil would ever again be able to exercise proper power and control if one succeeds then they are their to stay but failure means the previous has a chance to reclaim the office for themselves since they are not truly damned souls and because his powers is derived of lie and illusion he is capable of transfiguration, invisibility, memory and vision manipulation and shape shifting and withdrawing information (666) Hell is in various parts such as limbo, second circle of carnal sins,gluttons,misers,wrathful souls in the river of blood and the woods of suicide then lazy souls next is liars,hypocrites, seducers,berating,dark arts and theives then the traitors in hard labor. Netherreach with rivers Acheron,woe,phlegathon,kyokys,lamentation and Lethe with the symbol star and Satan has been advocated by singing a good song and marrrying a good woman. One part of hell is a ring of fire specially reserved for fallen incarnation and a mock heavon for mislocated souls looks like a garden with demons disguised as angels and the annex a constantly changing maze for demons with warders (torturers) hounds (guardians) harpys(survey) Cerberus (main gates) succubus and concubine (temptation and corruption) basilisk(stealth) prey-ing mantis (kill) king Minos, radamanthun and aecus (judges)