The incarnation of nature who governs all living things and is the most powerful of earthy incarnations(death,time,fate,war,nature) she like fate returns to mortal existence in retirement and is chosen because of a natural connection with nature. Her symbol is the serpent and she can bring the song of chaos which brings disaster in the 5 element(air,water,ground,fire and void) plus can control life and death on a unique scale like turning a shallow scratch into a fatal wound,a small poison into a Lethal toxin, or turning a drop of water into a bullet that u control the trajectory of. She lives in a forest that only fellow incarnation like herself can bypass with a large tree and a mirror to take her anywhere in the world. She can purge addictive behavior and project sound through nature as well as alter DNA and genetic disease as well as emotion and mental stability. able to control and communicate with plant and animal life. The whether is directly linked with her emotional state. She has no actual tools but chooses how she uses her power by either music or hand motions. She sees through Satan’s lies easily and can cause plague. Her voice can pacify minor conflict and she has healing tears.