"To become–part of you. To be an Aspect of Fate. I am Ready."

-Niobe Kaftan

Early LifeEdit

Niobe was described as being the "most beautiful woman of her generation" by all who had seen her. At the beginning of With a Tangled Skein, she a woman of twenty-one, arguing with her father over an arranged marriage to sixteen-year-old Cedric Kaftan(most fit men were presumably unavailable due to World War I). Her efforts to thwart the arrangement went in vein, however, and the marriage went along as planned.

At first, she saw Cedric as an immature child. Neither of the two were really ready for marriage and for a while it remained unconsummated. As they became closer to each other and she taught him of the wonders of the wetlands, she eventually fell in love with him.

Cedric, looking for an education, enrolled in university to study the wetlands and Niobe would visit him once every few months. Cedric grew up a lot during his first year while he was away at school, and Niobe could not believe it. She met his water magic Professor and learned of Cedric's outstanding academic performance. Cedric was going to do great things in the world.

On one of her visits, a group of students attacked Niobe and attempted to rape her. Cedric discovered what was going on while leaving class and saved her. That night, they made love for the first time, and during her first orgasm, Niobe had a horrifying vision of the water oak near their cottage; one that she would experience whenever they were intimate with each other.

Soon enough, Niobe became pregnant, and Cedric decided to leave school so he could be with his family. She gave birth to a baby boy known as Junior (he would grow up to be the Magician Kaftan).

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