The incarnation(s) of fate are three women sharing one physical body Clotho the youngest and inexperienced one and most beautiful she has affairs occasionally with Chronos and likes to party since she’s the youngest maiden aspect of fate she spins the the threads of life from the substance of void Lachesis the middle aged motherly aspect measure the threads into the tapestry of the world who prefer dining at nice restaurants and is basically the boss of office and Atropos cuts the threads of each individual human prefers opera and theater is the old crone and the elderly aspect who has the power to cut short the lives of someone through suicide by the snip of the unmeasured thread. Together they determine the length of human lives and the pattern they produce and can verify threads as well as conjure objects and turn in to a large spider which travels by threads and can control movement through thread they can also seemingly morph into any past fate incarnate and they cannot interferes with the selection process of another incarnation and when they choose new fate they are rare in the sense that they return to mortal existence and when chosen someone can either accept or decline the offer and transfer is a simple handshake and only one retires at a time plus to complete their respective task they have an 8 hour rotation in which one is the body another sleep while the third keeps company. Tapestry is the symbol of power and is purgatory she has a house with one section of the tapestry and some get tangled by random chance which can have unpredictable affects and can result in unscheduled death